Innovation is giving educators access to mixed media content, online courses and material that upgrades classroom guideline to enhance all learning opportunities. While extraordinary for understudies and instructors, it introduces a genuine IT challenge. This is on the grounds that the specialized prerequisites of today’s associated classrooms are changing quickly and schools are constantly playing mechanical get up to speed. Only a couple of years back the test was to get a PC under the control of each understudy. Today, that test likewise incorporates a battle with provisioning and overseeing cell phones and conveying adequate remote data transfer capacity.

As the system foundation at numerous schools keeps on maturing, it gets to be harder to suit the expanding requests of the associated classroom. IT supervisors must address requests for more noteworthy security, access checking, and about boundless remote transfer speed, while supporting the new associated classroom systems which incorporate online networking, mixed media, spilling video, flipped learning and gamification.

SHALANKA IT SOLUTIONS comprehends the innovative needs of today’s educational systems. Actually, we have helped various instructive organizations and educational systems to first comprehend their present availability requests and after that survey their undertaking base keeping in mind the end goal to distinguish new procedures that could be produced to meet the developing associated classroom requests — without breaking the financial backing.


  • Student Management
  • Online Application Filling
  • Multiple payment choices including PayPal, Stripe
  • Class forums system
  • E-Learning system