Hoardings are a cost-effective means of advertising outdoors. More and more businesses are now using attractive advertising hoardings to promote their products and services. Combining state-of-the-art digital printing technologies and the latest graphic design, Richardson Outdoor delivers high resolution and quality advertising hoardings that are best suited for product launches, shop openings, construction sites, trade shows and exhibitions.


  • A creative and powerful option which keeps your products and services highlighted
  • Establishing brand awareness and reaching out to millions of people on a daily basis
  • Frequent and continuous highlighting of message for your brand
  • Effective product exposure for your brand
  • Cannot be turned off or ignored but which is constantly on and in areas where people are going to see it.
  • The constant exposure of your brand is a more-efficient way to deliver a timely message to a target audience.

Bus Shelters

Bus shelter advertisements provide high-impact and high-frequency advertising predominantly in metropolitan and affluent residential areas.
Bus shelter advertisements are one of the few media types which provide cost effective, targeted coverage of major metropolitan areas.


  • 24-hour visibility provides a high-impact medium
  • Offers brands “street presence”, public face and impact presence
  • Offers fast reach and frequency to neutral demographics
  • Bus shelters offer the ideal platform for synergy media
  • Bus shelter advertisements offer unlimited creative concept and flexibility
  • Offers the potential to generate PR exposure
  • Bus shelters situated near shopping centres offer point of sale position
  • Creative campaigns can easily be targeted geographically


Each gantry billboard is a double-sided structure, offering potential advertisers the opportunity to advertise to traffic entering or leaving the city limits and other strategic traffic movement points.


  • Highway and gantry billboards offer a captive audience
  • Habitual patterns as people go about their regular activities
  • Motorists and commuters spend approximately 30-45 minutes on weekday traffic daily
  • High reach audience
  • Frequency exposure ensures brand and message recognition
  • Billboards integrate visuals into other media, creating visual connection and brand dominance and visibility
  • Standard billboard advertisements offer a creative platform for brands to “stand out”
  • Maximum impact in high traffic areas and shopping centres
  • Provides 24-hour exposure and visibility
  • Quick visual changeovers
  • Ideal for high impact launch, short or long-term campaigns
  • Long-term brand presence with high impact in high-volume thoroughfares


Billboard advertising is instantly recognizable by urban markets as the medium that reflects the lifestyle as they go about their weekly activities These standard billboards (8′ x 4′) are designed to gain maximum attention through eye catching special effects.


  • Captive audiences
  • High reach audience during peak-hour traffic provides extended reach over the duration of a campaign
  • Frequency exposure provides brand and message recognition
  • Billboards integrate visuals into other media, creating visual connection and brand dominance and visibility
  • Billboard advertisements eliminate clutter and offer a creative platform for brands to “stand out”
  • Reduced site fatigue due to multiple advertisements
  • Billboards produce high-impact, 24-hour visibility
  • Allows for tactical communication changes at a relatively low cost
  • Provides exposure to affluent, upper class audience
  • Located at major intersections carrying high volumes of slower moving as well as stationary traffic

Street Name Boards


  • The inclusion of a corporate sponsor branding board (called Street Name Ads) under each street-name board helps corporate entities and other business organizations to brand their corporate identities on these Street name Ad panel.
  • Street Name Ads’ ability to literally brand intersections in targeted areas make it the ideal medium for reaching our city audiences.
  • Advertisers on this medium are recognized by community-members as participants in the provision and maintenance of street-name signage.
  • As co-contributors towards the enhanced delivery of essential services, advertisers not only establish considerable brand-awareness; but also leverage significant brand-loyalty within targeted communities.

Dealer Boards

AEWA also specializes in Dealer Boards for a wide range of clients covering a variety of different industries including automobiles, food and beverages, telecom service providers, FMCG and much more.

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle Branding is a popular outdoor promotion strategy in Sri Lanka. Visibility is crucial in corporate branding and Vehicle Branding is a fantastic way for your brand or product to be seen by your customers or potential customers. From van branding, car branding to even truck branding in Sri Lanka, we at AEWA will help you get all the visibility you need and more at an affordable price.

Exhibition Stalls

Taking part in an exhibition and looking for Exhibition Stall creators in Sri Lanka?

The secret to attracting a higher number of customer visits and inquiries at an exhibition revolves greatly on how attractive your stall is. We at AEWA will guide you from the initial concept to the final set up to ensure that your exhibition stall is a sure winner! From basic stalls and displays, to innovative and contemporary designs, AEWA will help you deliver the perfect message to your potential customers depending on your budget and specifications.

Mobile Promotion Trucks

In Sri Lanka, Mobile Promotion Trucks are a great way to attract the general public, especially in the rural and suburban areas. Customised Mobile Promotion Trucks created by AEWA will you to get your message out to specific target markets. Over the years, we have helped build countless numbers of brands in Sri Lanka through Street Promotions and wayside road shows.

Promotional Items

If you’re looking for customized T-shirt and Mug Printing in Sri Lanka, look no further than AEWA. We can help you create high quality customized t-shirts in any design. We also print custom designed mugs, caps and lapel pins/badges for organisations and associations upon request. Print any image, logo or design on different types of mugs according to your requirement.

LED Mobile Truck & LED Video Wall

LED displays have been taking the advertising industry by storm in recent times, and AEWA is well equipped and geared to handle this segment of the market. We offer LED Screen Displays to help lighten up your exhibition stalls. These LED Screens can even be used for conferences, dealer conventions and other important corporate functions.