SHALANKA DOT COM is a specialist at designing structures by visually employing the emerging 3D rendering technology. This technique is highly sought by the Real Estate industrialists, to create awe-inspiring images of a product, building or a structure when it is in early stages to capture the customers’ attention.

Our in-house Architects, Artists and Product Developers, are hands-on with the technique of creating prototypes of any given product, machinery or building structures within the set time and budget. We assess the customer’s needs and endeavor to blueprint their requirements to render remarkable services for business growth.

Interior and Exterior Renders in Colombo, Sri Lanka are demanded owing to their commendable features like:

  • Full view of each element of interiors and exteriors of targeted structures
  • Easy assessment and study of products from all possible angles
  • Reduces complexity in understanding the design of a complex product or machinery
  • Saves time in redesigning
  • Readymade visualization to convince the buyers

We are approached by clients engaged in the domains like hotels, residential and commercial building, restaurants, malls, etc. The exterior designs are completed for elements like:

  • Pavement
  • Parking
  • Fountain
  • Coloring
  • Landscapes
  • Window Arrangement