Magic Mirror Display

Magic mirror display is a new innovative advertising concept and medium. It functions as a slim LED sign that displays commercial messages of your products but turns into plain mirror when a solid object approaches it. This can be made vice-versa too, i.e. displaying a mirror at a distance and turning into an advertisement when a person approaches the signage.

Plus point here is that this advertising tool makes lasting impression of the product advertised. It is energy serving and the image could be changed easily within minutes. This comes in an ultra-slim LED light box which can be wall-mounted or kept free-standing and has a built-in motion sensor which detects anyone approaching the signage.

Magic mirror has a versatile range of usage, such as in pubs, bars, washrooms, reception areas, showrooms which can provide a memorable advertising message to your potential consumers.

Slim Light Boxes & EL Panels

For ultra-slim, elegant interior branding slim light box would be an ideal choice for most establishments. It comes in an aluminum snap frame which is less than 1” thick and will mimic a traditional picture frame, but with a light box. This snap frame makes it easy to change the print by just opening and replacing the poster. Slim light boxes can be wall-mounted, free-standing or even ceiling-mounted to suit the requirement.

Slim light boxes have an array of applications ranging from any commercial setting, from hotel lobbies, casinos, high-end retail stores, the possibilities are endless. The advantage with using slim-light boxes are that because of the LED technology less electricity is consumed, because of the snap framework these wouldn’t have to come off when changing posters and easy replacement of visuals and the long lifetime of the product.

Mirror Balls

Our aim being providing novel advertising solutions to our consumers, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative modes of advertising. Mirror ball is such a find, where using the existing technology of LED where it has been converted into a rotating display of lights, color and images. The Mirror ball makes use of the persistence of vision, while a row of ultra-bright LED lights up and goes out at the built-in CPU’s command and starts spinning quickly, at which point your desired messages and graphics appear miraculously inside a crystal-like globe and gain the attention of all around. The required messages can be programmed via a PC or a notebook and then works off-line continuously in showrooms, stores, bars, exhibition booths etc.

Edge Light Signs

Enhance your brand image with the high-tech elegance of an edge-lit sign system which can be customized to any size or design. These eye-catching signs are made out of acrylic with laser engraved detailing and then etched to add a pop of light within the acrylic. The key to a good sign is how the logo/image is portrayed and how the acrylic panel is mounted so that the edges are brightly lit with LED. The light distribution film would enable the LEDs to distribute the light evenly through the entire signage. This would ensure that the engraved parts are lit up and highlighted while the rest of the sign stays dark, producing the illusion of a floating logo. This signage is ideal for reception backdrop signs, lobby areas, restaurants and clubs to give a visually enriching experience.

Rotating Light Box

To highlight your product/brand a point-of-sale item such a free-standing light box which comes in various sizes can be used. These signage are stand-alone signage which can either be rotating or stationary and have two or three faces, and can be used on table tops or kept on the ground. This would enable you to display 3 products at once, and the best benefit from the rotating light boxes is that, you only have a one-time-investment but the sign can be reused again and again just by replacing the print on the sign. These signage are ideal to be used in showrooms, lobbies or used to be displayed at exhibition booths, and its light-weight and the slim design would enable you to carry it anywhere with ease. The rotating light boxes would enable you to bring some light and movement into a static environment and make your brand stand out of the lot.


Whether creating a platform for presentations, or designing an area for hosts and greeters, for a church pulpit, or a lectern, the podium you select would front and centre in the eyes of your guests. We provide a host of different options and designs for podiums, lecterns, valet stands, host stations etc.  Our specially designed podiums are created to make a big impact. Made using the best material such as high grade stainless steel, acrylic, wood veneers, solid wood etc, we ensure that you receive the best possible solution.

We offer a wide range of Notice boards varying from cork boards (pin type), magnetic boards or even whiteboards for all your office requirements. A notice board is a must have in any office/school/class room to post important notices, information to staff etc. You can select from a range of framed, non-framed, wall-mounted or free standing notice boards, made to your required size in any color. A selection of wooden frames and aluminum frames are available to be chosen to your liking.

Welcome boards, ideal for reception areas, we would ensure that the visitors gain a first good impression via a professional greeting sign. These can be kept at entrances at hotels, restaurants, banquet halls which can be customized to any size, design and color.

3D Light Box / Lenticuler Sign

To revolutionize the way of advertising and increase the brand-awareness Sign- Tech brings you Lenticular printing. Lenticular is a cutting-edge marketing tool which provides enhanced impact of brand communications to your consumer. This is a technology which lenses are used to produce images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles.

Lenticular printing is cost-effective medium to deliver eye-catching multiple messages from a single source for advertisers who desire high-impact print media. Lenticular can be used for InStore POS, outdoor advertising, in any location such as showrooms, office spaces, hotels, restaurants, bus and railway stations etc. These can be made into light boxes, posters, greeting cards, calendars, give-aways etc.

The difference with Auto-flipping lenticular is that it enables you to view two or more different images by simply changing the angle from which it is viewed. This would enable you to display a sequence of images within the same signage.


Reception Backdrop Signage

As the first impression is what matters the most, every organization must ensure that the reception area signage gives the right impression about the organization. Whether you are trying to create a minimal futuristic look using stainless steel, chrome or trying to give an impression of old school charm using wood, brass we have the solution for all of these requirements. Using the latest technologies available we will create the perfect signage which reflects your brand identity and ensure that the message is passed onto the customer from the first point of contact.

Reception backdrop signage can be fabricated using acrylic, stainless steel, brass, wood with flat cut letters or 3D letters to give a depth. They can be illuminated to further increase the visibility of the brand. All these signage are exclusively designed and created based on your specific needs.

Showroom Interior Furniture

Using a collaborative process with the client we identify a showroom’s exact display requirements based on the products, showroom location, lighting and space availability and create the perfect display units to enhance product visibility. While creating the ideal location to display products we ensure that the overall showroom has sufficient lighting and space so as not to clutter the area which in-turn increases sales and enhances the customers shopping experience.

Our vast range of services provide product display walls, display cabinets, open units, free standing display racks, security mobile display tables, all of which are custom-made to suit your specific requirements.

Banner Display Stands

We at Sign Tech offer multiple choices in banner display stands from roll ups, retractable stands, banner displays, pop-up stands, rotating stands, accessories and much more. These products are of the highest quality and highly user-friendly. They are used for all kinds of marketing and sales activities, information campaigns, presentations, trade show displays and outdoor marketing campaigns. All products are quick and easy to set up and are delivered in a bag for easy transportation.

Custom Wall Frame & Presentation signs

To display your brand identity in a range of picture frames which balances both quality and style, Sign Tech offers the best quality picture framing methods. No matter the space, Sign Tech offers an exceptional assortment of beautiful frames to fill your office walls, reception areas, boardrooms etc. Whether your need is to have a wooden frame to create an aura of elegance or aluminum framing methods for a minimal, futuristic look, we have the solutions to suit your requirement.

LED Signs

LED is one of the widest used technologies in the current market, ranging from cameras, television, digital clocks and has now become the single most widely used technology in the advertising field as well. In particular, its presence in the retail world is ever prevalent with outdoor and indoor LED Signs. Illuminated signage creates an additional visual effect which further distinguishes itself from traditional signs, making it a more effective advertising tool. LED has a variety of applications in indoor signs: from LED display, electronic business signs and custom signs, to open/closed signs, currency display boards, information signs, its versatility is indisputable.

The main driving force behind the rapid increase in popularity of LED Signs in use today is their effectiveness as an immediate, cost-effective advertising medium. LED signs have the ability to change messages instantly and indefinitely. Further you have the advantage of being in constant direct contact with your customers through these messages. The colorful scrolling messages or display signs are certainly attention grabbing and provide visual enhancement to your brand images.